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man in black shirt lying on floor
man in black shirt lying on floor

Protect Yourself with Our Martial Arts Gear

We offer a full line of protective sparring gear and pads to keep you safe during training. Our selection includes ankle, knee, and wrist supports, as well as mouth guards. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect gear for your discipline.

people wearing karate ji
people wearing karate ji

Find Your Perfect Martial Arts Uniform at Continental

We offer a full line of top-quality martial arts uniforms (dogi's), practice weapons, and protective sparring gear. Our custom embroidery service is perfect for those looking for unique, personalized martial arts apparel. We also carry a range of backpacks, gym duffels, and gear and messenger bags for travelers and people on the go.

Complete Your Training with Our Practice Weapons

At Continental, we carry a wide variety of practice weapons to enhance your training experience. From nunchaku to bokken, we have something for every martial art discipline. Let us help you find the perfect weapon to complement your training.

About Continental

At Continental Martial Arts Supply, we're passionate about martial arts and helping our customers find the best gear and apparel for their needs. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and personalized service. Visit us today to see our full selection!

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